How can I book an appointment with a Paingenix virtual medical provider?

The first step to working one-on-one with a Paingenix medical provider is to schedule a free call with a Paingenix care team member. Our care team members will answer your questions, collect a consultation payment, and schedule you with a Paingenix medical provider.

Are appointments virtual or in-person?

Paingenix provides virtual-only video or phone consultations and appointments. 

Does Paingenix accept insurance?
Paingenix does not accept insurance. We accept credit cards, FSA, and HSA plans.
How do I know which lab panel(s) to choose?
You can visit the lab test pricing page to learn more about our recommended lab panels or schedule a free call with a Paingenix care team member.
Do Paingenix medical providers interpret previous lab results?

We prefer to order up-to-date lab panels, but we may be able to interpret previous lab results if you have them. If you do not have previous comprehensive lab panels, no insurance, or inadequate insurance coverage, we offer lab testing options. Paingenix works with a lab company which provides cash-based, discounted functional and diagnostic lab panels.

Do I have to purchase a Paingenix Relief care membership?
No. The first step in the Paingenix care process is to discover possible biochemical imbalances which may be contributing, causing, or amplifying chronic pain. You may just choose to schedule a medical provider consultation to review lab panels and get answers. You are not required to purchase a Paingenix Relief care membership.
What’s not included in my Paingenix Relief care membership?

There are some services and products not included in the Paingenix Relief care membership and may require out-of-pocket expenses:

    • Lab Testing
    • Nutritional Supplements
    • Compound Medications
What type of medications do Paingenix medical providers prescribe?

Our medical providers prescribe compound medications which help correct the underlying biochemical imbalance issue. These medications may include hormone replacement therapies, nutrient-based medications, and anti-inflammatories. Paingenix medical providers do not prescribe opioid medications.

Do you work with other medical specialists?

Yes. Paingenix believes in integrative medical care that is patient centric. We can work with your other medical providers or refer you to other health specialists if needed.

Paingenix recommends customized AM/PM supplement packs which are designed specifically for you based on lab test results, symptoms, and health goals. Our nutritional supplement manufacturing facility is GMP-certified and offers the highest-grade of bioavailable formulas.