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Green Wisdom Health is excited to announce our partnership with Paingenix. As an integrative medical solution to relieving chronic inflammation and pain, Paingenix’s team of holistic functional medicine practitioners and nutrition specialists help our patients discover and correct gut, hormone, neurotransmitter, nutrient, toxin, and immune biochemical imbalances.

Do You Suffer from Any of the Following Biochemical Imbalance Symptoms?

If so……Paingenix’s Integrative Medical Team Can Help!

The Root Causes of Biochemical-Based Pain & Inflammation

Hormone Imbalances








Neurotransmitter Imbalances









Gut Imbalances

Bacterial Pathogens

Viral Pathogens

Parasitic Pathogens

Candida Overgrowth

Enzyme Deficiency

Food Sensitivities

Celiac Disease

Gut Inflammation

Nutrient Imbalances



Amino Acids

Fatty Acids

Toxicity Imbalances


Heavy Metals

Environmental Pollutants

Immune Imbalances

Autoimmune Disorders

Bacterial Infections

Viral Infections

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How It Works



Getting answers and having peace of mind knowing what may be causing your body’s biochemical imbalances is the first step. If you visited multiple healthcare practitioners and still don’t have relief or answers to the root cause of your inflammation and pain, we understand your frustrations. Paingenix believes prior to any therapy, medication, supplement, diet, or lifestyle recommendation, we must find the possible underlying causes of chronic inflammation so we can target the root cause issue for lasting relief.

The Paingenix Discover Process

  1. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a Paingenix care team member.
  2. Book an appointment with a Paingenix medical provider.
  3. Purchase discounted lab panels from our lab partners.
  4. Fill out the Paingenix health and symptom questionnaire.
  5. Work one-on-one with a Paingenix medical provider via a secure video chat and get answers to how your lab results could be correlated with your conditions and symptoms.
  6. Receive a recommended nutritional therapy and compound medication plan of action. (If needed)

PRICE - $99

+ cost of lab panels




If a Paingenix medical provider discovers hormones, neurotransmitter, gut, nutrient, immune, or toxicity biochemical imbalances, they will provide a recommended plan of action to help correct the imbalance. The Paingenix Relief program is the new approach to relieving inflammation and pain.

The Paingenix Correct Process

  1. Sign up for a Paingenix Relief care program.
  2. Receive a prescription for compound medications (If eligible and needed).
  3. Receive a link to purchase any nutritional supplements (If needed).
  4. Receive a Paingenix nutrient-based dietary plan with recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists.
  5. Gain access to your on-demand nutrition coach, nutritionist, and medical provider team.
  6. Receive personalized monthly recommendations on medications, supplements, foods, and/or lifestyle therapies.

PRICE - $299/Monthly

+ cost of supplements & medications

Your Paingenix Integrative Healthcare Team Includes

Medical Provider

Your medical team is led by a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant with advanced training in root-cause medicine.

Lab Interpretations

Personalizing Therapies

Medication Management*

Compound Medication Prescribing

Progress Tracking & Review


Your nutritionist works one-one-one with you in balancing nutrition levels in the body through foods and supplements.

Dietary Programs

Recipes & Meal Plans

Food, Supplement,& Nutrient Analysis

Supplement Personalization

Progress Tracking & Review

Nutrition Coach

Your nutrition coach works one-on-one with you in supporting healthy lifestyle behaviors and providing accountability.

Lifestyle Behaviors

Answer Questions

Real Life Eating Support

Success Tactics & Tips

Progress Tracking & Review

*Select Medications Only

Ready to Get Started or Have Questions?

Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation call with a Paingenix care team member.