Paingenix simplifies the process of getting answers and feeling better from chronic pain conditions and symptoms. With our personalized approach, patients can learn more about the possible underlying root causes to their pain and gain access to a medical and nutrition healthcare team who tailors nutritional therapies and optional compound medications around their labs, symptoms, and goals



Getting answers and having peace of mind knowing what may be causing your chronic pain is the first step. If you visited multiple healthcare practitioners and still don’t have relief or answers to the root cause of your pain, we understand your frustrations. Paingenix believes prior to any therapy, medication, supplement, diet, or lifestyle recommendation, we must find the possible underlying causes of chronic pain so we can target the root cause issue for lasting pain relief.

The Paingenix Discover Process

  1. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a Paingenix care team member.
  2. Book an appointment with a Paingenix medical provider.
  3. Receive an advanced lab test panel script and complete lab work.
  4. Work one-on-one with a Paingenix medical provider via a secure video chat and get answers to how your lab results could be correlated with your chronic pain condition and symptoms.


If a Paingenix medical provider discovers hormones, neurotransmitter, gut, nutrient, immune, or toxicity biochemical imbalances, they will provide a recommended plan of action to help correct the imbalance. The Paingenix Relief program is the new approach to relieving chronic pain. The Paingenix integrative medical and nutrition healthcare team provides recommended nutritional therapies and optional compound medication prescriptions to help correct biochemical imbalances.

The Paingenix Correct Process

  1. Sign up for a Paingenix Relief care program.
  2. Gain access to your on-demand nutrition coach, nutritionist, and medical provider team.
  3. Receive a Paingenix nutrient-based dietary plan with recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists.
  4. Receive a link to purchase any nutritional supplements (If needed).
  5. Schedule a medical provider appointment and receive a prescription for compound medications (If eligible and needed).
  6. Receive personalized monthly recommendations on medications, supplements, foods, and/or lifestyle therapies.(If eligible and needed)

Ready to Get Started or Have Questions?

Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation call with a Paingenix care team member.