Paingenix Nutrition Supplement Pricing

Paingenix offers customized AM/PM supplement packs tailored to your unique lab, symptoms, and health goal needs. Your integrative medical and nutrition healthcare team designs the daily supplement packs for your body’s optimal nutritional requirements. Plus, each personalized supplement pack has your name on it, so you know it’s made specifically for you.And with over 90+ nutritional supplement products to choose from in creating your packs, the customization possibilities are endless!

Paingenix offers the highest quality of nutritional supplements that are produced in GMP-certified manufacturing facilities with bioavailable ingredients and therapeutic dosages.

Experience the New Way in Nutritional Supplement Personalization

Product Description Pricing
5-HTP CR100
Supports Serotonin Synthesis & Overall Mood
$.72/per capsule
Adrenal Nutrients
Supports Adrenal Hormone Function
$.42/per capsule
Algae Omega
Plant-Derived Omega 3 EPA-DHA
$.58/per softgel
Antioxidant Blend
Supports Antioxidant Activity
$.74/per capsule
Supports Relaxation, Stress, & Sleep
$.50/per capsule
Complete Vitamin B-Complex
$.58/per capsule
Supports Healthy Microbial Balance
$.40/per capsule
Berberine ES-5
Supports Healthy Glucose Metabolism
$.92/per capsule
Berberine w/ InSEA 2
Supports Blood Sugar & Appetite Control
$1.46/per capsule
Bergamot with Amla
Supports Healthy Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Levels
$1.54/per tablet
Biotin Plus
Supports Connective Tissue, Nails, & Wrinkle Reduction
$1.10/per capsule
Boswellia + Turmeric
Supports Joint & Muscle Comfort
$.70/per softgel
Brain Support
Supports Neuronal Energy & Nervous System Health
$1.00/per capsule
Cognition Support
Supports Energy, Motivation, & Mental Clarity
$1.46/per capsule
Colon Support
Supports Colon Health & Bowel Regularity
$.40/per capsule
Complete Probiotic
High-Dose, Multi-Strain Probiotic
$2.78/per capsule
CoQ10 Ubiquinol
Supports Energy, Muscle Health, & Antioxidant Levels
$1.46/per softgel
D3 2000
Vitamin D3 2000 mg
$.16/per softgel
D3 5000
Vitamin D3 5000 mg
$.32/per softgel
DHEA Micronized 10mg
DHEA 10 mg
$.36/per tablet
DHEA Micronized 25mg
DHEA 25 mg
$.40/per tablet
Detox Support
Supports Heavy Metal & Mold Detoxification
$.46/per capsule
Digest Support
Supports Digestive Enzyme Function & Bloating Discomfort
$.46/per capsule
Supports Healthy Estrogen Metabolism
$.54/per capsule
DIO Support
Supports Healthy Veins, Circulation, &Lymphatic Drainage
$.60/per capsule
Supports Seasonal Environmental Challenges
$.86/per capsule
Estro Support
Supports Hot Flash Relief & Menopausal Symptoms
$.64/per capsule
Supports Healthy Eye Structure & Function
$1.50/per capsule
Fem Hormone Balance
Supports Balance of Female Hormone Cycle
$.58/per capsule
Fiber Lean
Supports Cholesterol, Weight Control, & Bowel Regularity
$.42/per capsule
Fit Probiotic
Supports Healthy Weight Management & Body Mass
$2.36/per capsule
Flora Balance
Supports Microbial Balance & Candida Detoxification
$.68/per capsule
Flora Support
Saccharomyces Boulardii Gut Immune Support
$.92/per capsule
Supports Relaxation & GABA Neurotransmitter Levels
$.40/per capsule
Garlic Ultra
Supports Heart & Immune Health
$.40/per capsule
Gastric Support
Supports the Relief of Occasional Indigestion & Bloating
$1.14/per capsule
GI Balance
Supports Gut Microbiome Health & Bowel Regularity
$.62/per capsule
GI Detox
Supports Gut Detoxification
$.64/per capsule
Glycemic Factors
Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
$.62/per capsule
Supports Healthy Joint Synovial Fluid
$1.14/per capsule
HCL Digest Balance
Supports Digestion & Hydrochloric Acid
$.40/per capsule
Histamine Support
Supports Healthy Degradation of Food-Derived Histamines
$1.36/per capsule
Supports Muscle Synthesis & Muscle Recovery
$.48/per capsule
Hormone Support
Supports Healthy Hormone Metabolism
$1.10/per capsule
Immune Daily
Supports Immune System & Respiratory Health
$.36/per capsule
Iron Support
Iron Glycinate
$.20/per capsule
Joint Support
Helps Maintain Healthy Joints & Joint Tissue
$.62/per capsule
K2 D3 5000
Supports Heart & Bone Health
$.60/per capsule
Supports Muscle Recovery & Mitochondrial Health
$.72/per capsule
Supports Relaxation, Stress, & Sleep
$.86/per capsule
Lipoic Acid
Supports Blood Sugar & Nerve Health
$1.46/per capsule
Lipotropic Formula
Supports Gallbladder Health
$.44/per capsule
Liver Detox Support
Supports Phase I & II Liver Detoxification
$.84/per capsule
Mag L-Threonate
Supports Stress, Sleep, & Mood
$.64/per capsule
Magnesium Chelate
Supports Bone Health & Bone Strength
$.38/per capsule
Mega IgG 2000
Supports Immunoglobulins & Gut Immune Health
$.72/per capsule
Mega Spore Bio
Supports Gut Integrity
$1.42/per capsule
Memory Support
Supports Healthy Cognitive Function
$1.06/per capsule
Metabolic Support
Supports Leptin Hormone Levels, Appetite, & Joint Health
$2.00/per capsule
Methyl Support
Supports Healthy Homocysteine Levels & Neurological Health
$.68/per capsule
Mineral Complex
Supports Mineral Levels
$.38/per capsule
Mood Support
Supports a Healthy Mood
$.78/per capsule
Mood Support ES
Supports Neurotransmitters & Nervous System Health
$1.00/per capsule
Multi w/ Iron
Vitamins & Minerals
$.34/per capsule
Multi w/o Iron
Vitamins & Minerals without Iron
$.42/per capsule
Muscle Support
Promotes Relaxation, Sleep, & Muscle Recovery
$.54/per capsule
Natto Power
Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
$.72per capsule
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine
Supports Glutathione Production & Detoxification
$.50/per capsule
Nitric Oxide
Supports Cardiovascular Health & Blood Flow
$.62/per tablet
Omega Oil 900 EC
Supports Heart, Joint, Muscle, and Gut Health
$.76/per softgel
Omega Oil PRM
Pro Resolving Mediators Supporting Recovery & Immune Health
$2.06/per softgel
Supports Healthy Gut Microbial Levels
$.72/per softgel
Performance Multi
Vitamin & Mineral Complex with Performance Nutrients
$.76/per capsule
PMS Support
Natural Support for Premenstrual Symptoms
$.64/per capsule
Probiotic Daily
Supports Bowel Regularity & a Healthy Gut Microbiome
$1.72/per capsule
Probiotic Serenity
Supports a Healthy Mood & Stress Response
$1.64/per capsule
Prostate Formula
Supports Urinary Flow & Prostate Health
$.96/per softgel
Red Yeast Rice
Red Yeast Rice
$2.00/per capsule
S-Acetyl Glutathione
Supports Detoxification & Antioxidant Levels
$1.32/per capsule
Sleep Perfect Pro
Supports Healthy Melatonin Levels & Sleep
$.28/per capsule
Stress Management
Supports Healthy Stress Levels & Mental Clarity
$1.10/per capsule
Super Beets
Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels& Blood Flow
$.28/per capsule
Super Enzyme
Supports Joint & Immune System Health
$.60/per capsule
Tendon Support
Supports Tendon & Ligament Function
$.72/per capsule
Testo Support
Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels & Stamina
$1.42/per capsule
Thyroid Balance
Supports T4 & T3 Thyroid Hormone Health
$.42/per capsule
Thyroid Support
Supports Thyroid Hormone Health
$.64/per capsule
Ultimate C
Supports Immune Health &Connective Tissue
$.34/per capsule
Ultra Binder
Supports Heavy Metal, Pesticide, Herbicide, & Chemical Detox

$.70/per capsule

Vital Assist
Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
$1.36/per capsule
Zinc Glycinate
Zinc Glycinate
$.24/per capsule

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