Paingenix is the premier integrative functional medicine center specializing in discovering and correcting the underlying causes of biochemical-based chronic pain conditions and symptoms. Through advanced lab testing and the latest in nutritional science therapies and medication prescribing, we provide a personalized approach to helping patients live a pain-free life. From the comfort of their own home, patients gain exclusive access to a virtual integrative medical team of pain and nutrition specialists.

Are Biochemical Imbalances Amplifying Your Pain?

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Why Paingenix?

“Why am I still living with chronic pain?” We hear this from many of our patients who have tried countless therapies and visited multiple types of healthcare practitioners before. And we understand your frustration.

Many times, chronic pain conditions and unwanted symptoms can be the direct result of biochemical imbalances in the body. Without correcting the underlying causes of these imbalances, your pain persists no matter what you try. Paingenix’s integrative medical and nutrition experts specialize in discovering and correcting biochemical imbalances which may be amplifying, causing, or contributing to chronic pain and unwanted symptoms.

How It Works

Step 1 - Discover

Discovering the root cause of biochemical-based chronic pain conditions and symptoms can provide patients with answers. Paingenix offers advanced lab testing with consultations from integrative medical practitioners who specialize in chronic pain. Start getting answers to your chronic pain conditions and symptoms.

Step 2 – Correct

Correcting biochemical imbalances in the body may help patients achieve lasting pain relief. Paingenix offers personalized integrative programs which include nutritional therapies and compound medication prescriptions if needed. Patients gain exclusive access to an integrative virtual medical care team who specializes in discovering and correcting the underlying causes of biochemical-based chronic pain conditions and symptoms.

Price Transparency Promise

Paingenix introduces a new type of healthcare which focuses on what is best for the patient. Through this new patient-centric type of care, we believe in providing complete price transparency in healthcare costs.

Our clinic provides affordable and upfront prices for medical practitioner consultations, lab testing, nutritional supplements, programs, and average compound prescription medication costs. 

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